AF Marcotec approached LOA to come up with a cool logo animation for their brand. Not naturally but in this case necessary, part of the…


After successfully animating the dishwasher banner for the „Somat Crown“ campaign, I helped out in creating these high resolution fluid illustrations for the key visual….


This animation was the heart of the flashbanner campaign produced by the screenagers… and it never took me longer to clear out a dishwasher ;-)….


The main task here was to create shading and lighting for the provided CAD models. Client: Acousta | Agency: LOOP


To further develop my modelling skills I created this 3D CG car model of the VW Golf V based on blueprints. Client: personal project


Togehter with Osewa Adojutelegan I created this key visual through a combination of stock photographs and 3D renderings. Client: Electrodrive Salzburg | Agency: LOOP


In close collaboration with the „kununu brothers“, I developed and produced this explainer video for their B2B clients. Client: kununu GmbH | Agency: LOA


Rarely do clients ask for 2D logo animations but it definitely made sense and was actually quite tricky. Based on close observation of deer footage…


Lemsip´s iconic character „Lemmy“ was animated for their website on several occassions. Characteranimation by Martin Winkler Client: Lemsip | Agency: LOOP


Paying close attention to the concise CD, I created my very first explainer video for Austrian Startup „Aktionstage“. Client: Aktionstage | Agency: Christian Salic &…

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